Houston Hyatt

I’m buying a 4 dollar coffee in the hotel lobby of the Hyatt fucking Regency Using money provided by the organization sponsoring this whole excursion, Carrying no cash, Attending a conference on working with youth experiencing homelessness. I only exist in this opportunity because once, I slept on the streets. Once, I knew the uncertainty … More Houston Hyatt

For Lebanon… again

I wrote about this once, years ago Foolishly, perhaps youthfully, I thought I wouldn’t have to revisit the aching void, The sorrow and hopelessness, yet I find myself again trying to make beautiful devastation.   It is so much worse this time, no personal losses, no family in pain, but real, true terror, walking hand … More For Lebanon… again

Merry Christmas

I found myself going, “Oh I need to see if I can find some Brach’s chocolate covered cherries without the creme, it’s almost Christmas” So I got online and started searching, Exactly 4.67 minutes into my search, I remembered you were gone. I love you.

Dear Austin

Austin, you’re breaking my heart, with your too cool attitude. You’re becoming that boy from high school, You remember, the slicked-back, smoke-sleeved, dreamy-eyed boy, who dreamed of throwing the pig skin. The boy who sat in the back of the class, Who knew every answer. We met, we danced, we did way too many drugs, … More Dear Austin

This moment

suddenly, nausea, hives altering the topography of my skin. fear. i am afraid all of the time. the sense of safety so diligently cultivated stolen swiftly in a melange of squealing tires and crashing metal. i used to love driving they were the moments where i found peace. i’m a city kid, each teenage fervor, agitation, sentiment … More This moment

Say something

    Somehow things have fallen into place. I have gone and returned and not much has changed, save for myself. It seems often the way of this world and it is such a cliche, yet it still there is truth. I wanted him so much to know me, I have seen now that he … More Say something


Sleep? Yeah, sleep sounds like a good idea, but at 20 I am counting down to 21 and reflecting on what I know… Absolutly nothing It’s funny, Cuz at 10 I was the center of my mom’s universe and 15 I was the center of everyone’s universe, at 19 he was the center of my … More Rapunzel


this piece is 3 yrs old The lightning crashed in front of me as I was listening to music that took me home Home, The one place I would go if I knew where to find it, But now I realize I will only ever find home, in my own mind That home lies in … More home