Yeah, sleep sounds like a good idea,
but at 20 I am counting down to 21
and reflecting on what I know…
Absolutly nothing
It’s funny,
Cuz at 10 I was the center of my mom’s universe
and 15 I was the center of everyone’s universe,
at 19 he was the center of my universe
and now, now I can’t find a universe to be or have a center thereof,
my galaxy consists of music, kerouac, meriam-webster, pall-mall, and a cup of milk and sugar with a splash of coffee in it-
see? some things never change.
This world is moving so much faster than I am still.
I’m one of those people I always wanted to be,
you know the hipster sitting in the coffee shop
writing to the world, to myself,
smoking cigarettes,
observing the room,
drinking coffee,if you can call that coffee
I’ve waited all of my adolescent life to be this person,
and it’s already getting old
and sadly there isn’t a bandwagon I can jump on to to fill that void
I’m too busy trying to save myself,
and if I can’t do that
what good am I to the whales,
the earth, or humanity?
I’ve become my own project to avoid becoming anyone else’s
and somehow I have to make this work.
The moon fell past the horizon tonight,
it was there until it wasn’t anymore
breaking the perfect circle,
cycles are ever changing, thus the game called life,
and my brain hurts attempting to make sense of it all.
and the answers,
the answers don’t lie in dreams,
he lays in dreams, it’s a shame he lies in life
you know I used to dream I was Rapunzel,
waiting , waiting my whole life for Prince Charming to call,
Telling me to let down my hair,
it was real,it was life,
she was ever waiting for Prince Charming,
when all along her escape was there,
all she ever had to do was cut her own hair,
anchor it and climb down.
There never was a Prince Charming,
There never will be,
but there will always be another option
But for tonight,
for tonight I ‘ll sleep,
maybe I’ll find something in one of those dreams of mine

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