I feel like now is the time when there should be crazy free expression.
And I wonder if people struggle with free expression because they struggle with telling themselves the truth, much less putting their idea of truth out there in a way that makes a thought tangible.
Imagine! A thought, a tiny firing of electrical impulses in the brain,
I believe that is the current explanation for the ideas that breathe life into our beings.
I personally enjoy a mystically enveloped image of each individual thought as bright flashes of every color of blue in the spectrum – even ones we’ve yet to discern – instructing my body to take each breath in and each breath out (cerulean),
To pour the contents of the measuring cup (aqua marine),
To smile (turquoise),
To love (cobalt).
I stop writing when I realize that everything I think and everything I know changes as the days move me forward.
There was this time when my words defined me
I think that to most people only their words define them
and I feel like words are this linear method of reassuring us who we are.
The thing is, we simply can’t be merely words
We are a crazy amalgamation of all of it, our thoughts, our words, our actions.
These are the notes that compose our souls.

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