A poem for April 4th

In distancing I search, for a connection That cannot come… And yet, Find an – almost empty – solace In screens and smiles, In messages and memories. Almost… empty. Yet overflowing With urgent need and desire. Longing for hugs that will arrive again In aching joy, Loss, hunger, devastation, and awakenings. We will emerge, Not … More A poem for April 4th

a plea for Beauty

I see you in the wholeness of edges I know you Still fighting to hold truth Tormented by your brethren, without whom you cannot exist Desecration has overtaken   I miss you these days Found in reuination The corpse of tradition Somefind longing for a privileged past Most plea for decency in a universal future … More a plea for Beauty


I asked my friends on Election Day, at 2 in the morning, when there was no longer any doubt of the outcome, to tell me this was all a nightmare; to tell me to wake up. To ask how I could move on learning what I learned from this election. One of my friends told … More Change