a plea for Beauty

I see you in the wholeness of edges

I know you

Still fighting to hold truth

Tormented by your brethren, without whom you cannot exist

Desecration has overtaken


I miss you these days

Found in reuination

The corpse of tradition

Somefind longing for a privileged past

Most plea for decency in a universal future

Futility in wishes


Heartbreak in the clouds

What gives them the right to be so breathtaking in a world that exalts in cruelty?

Once, you existed in destruction

The birth of creation found its solace in your womb


But destruction is not cruelty.

No foothold of grace and elegance in malice

Grasping language to express your angst

Remembering freedom exists in you

In your holy moments there is pain

In your sacred wholeness

There is abandon

And while cruelty locks itself in a battlefield

You triumph in your truths with only a glance.


My prayer for you aches in every corner of my soul

That I cannot reach you without anguish

That I must seek you in pain

That the world forgoes your gifts

Does not mean I must


Seeking you in the darkest corners

I become your light

The campaign for my soul cannot be won over in the darkness

The truth of your sorrow bears the exquisite to the world

That does not deserve you

That begs for your dignity

And finds your peeking through the dust and calm that befalls the battlefield

The clouds a reminder of our humanity

Found only in your wretched infallibility.

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