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On Centering Whiteness as Anti Racist Action

But here’s the thing, until those who have come to be known as white are able to understand the impact of the construct of whiteness in relation to the systems and structures that define US culture, governance, economics, and access, dismantling those structures will be impossible.

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Houston Hyatt

I’m buying a 4 dollar coffee in the hotel lobby of the Hyatt fucking Regency Using money provided by the organization sponsoring this whole excursion, Carrying no cash, Attending a conference on working with youth experiencing homelessness. I only exist in this opportunity because once, I slept on the streets. Once, I knew the uncertainty… Continue reading Houston Hyatt


honey, salt, and sympathy

He knows why the caged bird beats its wing He knows that love is a quest Searching for contentment freedom guarded secrets of beauty   Beauty does not save the bird No dignity in cages Yearning for the cloud’s great secrets Cuts and stings and songs for freedom   He offers honey and salt Though… Continue reading honey, salt, and sympathy


A letter to my white Austin liberals

      We are all hurting right now. The events of the past few weeks have left many of us lost, broken, sad, angry, in shock, in disbelief.  In short, grieving.  White folks seem to be grieving in many cases for the loss of a way of life, of a country and nationalism that they grew… Continue reading A letter to my white Austin liberals


Dear Austin

Austin, you're breaking my heart, with your too cool attitude. You're becoming that boy from high school, You remember, the slicked-back, smoke-sleeved, dreamy-eyed boy, who dreamed of throwing the pig skin. The boy who sat in the back of the class, Who knew every answer. We met, we danced, we did way too many drugs,… Continue reading Dear Austin