stoner truths

Pain isn’t pretty,
And you will never have to be as good as anyone else,
So long as you are as good as yourself.
And when all is said and done,
It comes down to being real,
True to yourself,
and if you find one,
true to your God.
See, that’s the key.
The answers to all those questions?
Live truth,
Know yourself,
And laugh often.
That’s important, laugh at everything
Because your strength is in joy,
so you have to locate your joy.
And it’s not always easy,
and no, pain isn’t pretty,
but it’s real
so you have to locate your pain too.
ANd it hurts, and
oh my God it’s hard,
but it’s real.
And find solice in that without your pain,
you won’t know Joy,
and that,
That is Real.

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