pretty woman

You know,
All I ever wanted, when I was 8 years old,
Was to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman-
Minus that whole hooker thing,
But at that age I didn’t understand that concept,
But I understood that love,
And I wanted to be rescued.
My life wasn’t too bad, I mean,
Yeah my dad hit me and he left me, and I was fat,
yadda yadda yadda,
but I just wanted to be rescued.
It was a time for fairy tales,
And I believed in them.
But then I got older, cynicle,
Lost my faith somewhere.
You know,
When I was 8 I coulda been anything,
I had potential, I was smart, I was funny,
yadda yadda yadda,
and all I wanted was to be saved.
And I mean, what 8 yr old really gets Pretty Woman?
And what yr old should even be watching Pretty Woman?
I just know that she had it,
And I wanted it.
And here I am 22,
I’ve lost faith in Prince Charming,
Cause he was found in fairy tales,
and I’ve lost faith in a Father figure floating on fluffy white clouds,
Cause He came to me in stories,
And I’ve never really had faith in myself,
Cause I coulda been anything.
At 13 my life was planned out man,
I was gonna go to SMU, to law school, be a lawyer,
And don’t get me wrong,
I know we all have dreams we let go of,
But homeless in Austin is a far cry from Highland Park.
And Julia, Julia had it made,
she was beautiful, intriguing, he loved her, and he saved her,
And at 8 years old,
All I wanted was to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
And at 22, all I have is me,
In my life
And it turns out,
I’m gonna have to be the one who saves myself.

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