life today

I’m stoned,
And that’s ok, because I love Jesus.
How’s that for issues?
And I just wanted to make sense of it all,
Capture it all on paper,
But you can’t,
Because it doesn’t make any sense.
Not in the real world,
Not in stoner speak,
And for heaven’s sake, don’t try to grasp it all.
If we were meant to get it all,
We wouldn’t be here,
And if I could capture it all on paper,
I’d be rich.
It’s the truth,
I don’t get it,
And that’s ok,
Cuz I got my truth,
And that I get.
Like we’re all a little crazy,
And success in your relationships
Comes from finding the person
Who’s issues compliment yours,
Now that’s a match made in Heaven!
Then you watch this whole facade pass you by
This surface life people skate through,
Because they’re scared
And maybe more afraid to be loved for who they are,
Flaws and all,
Because sometimes it’s easier to be loved for who they think you are,
Than to be accepted for who you really are.
And none of it makes any sense
But somehow it’s just true.
Like finding peace in your heart
and calm in your soul,
Like being stoned
and in love with Jesus,
It doesn’t make any sense,
But that’s ok,
It’s not supposed to.

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