Sleep? Yeah, sleep sounds like a good idea, but at 20 I am counting down to 21 and reflecting on what I know... Absolutly nothing It's funny, Cuz at 10 I was the center of my mom's universe and 15 I was the center of everyone's universe, at 19 he was the center of my... Continue Reading →


this piece is 3 yrs old The lightning crashed in front of me as I was listening to music that took me home Home, The one place I would go if I knew where to find it, But now I realize I will only ever find home, in my own mind That home lies in... Continue Reading →

life today

I'm stoned, And that's ok, because I love Jesus. How's that for issues? And I just wanted to make sense of it all, Capture it all on paper, But you can't, Because it doesn't make any sense. Not in the real world, Not in stoner speak, And for heaven's sake, don't try to grasp it... Continue Reading →

pretty woman

You know, All I ever wanted, when I was 8 years old, Was to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman- Minus that whole hooker thing, But at that age I didn't understand that concept, But I understood that love, And I wanted to be rescued. My life wasn't too bad, I mean, Yeah my dad... Continue Reading →

stoner truths

Pain isn't pretty, And you will never have to be as good as anyone else, So long as you are as good as yourself. And when all is said and done, It comes down to being real, True to yourself, and if you find one, true to your God. See, that's the key. The answers... Continue Reading →


I wish the crickets weren't so loud, Their constant song mocking me, daunting me in my lonliness. I wish I was dancing, my limbs moving in rythm with the heartbeat, yet here I sit alone in a stairwell. And there's always somewhere to go, Afterall I'm not homeless, just houseless LAcking the 4 walls and... Continue Reading →


blank pages echo my voiceWhile the skeletal hand of the grim reaper is reaching out to grasp at my heart. total molecular shutdown, the theme has proven itself anticlimactic it's that last chapter that kept you wanting more left you angry with the author suffocating I am choking on his memory and angry angry with... Continue Reading →

90 seconds

this was written about 3months ago a 90 second glimpse into my brain red white blue red white blue police police, fire truck ambulance and that car we approached it and all i could see all i could think, is why did an airbag deploy out of the top of that car closer we inched... Continue Reading →


tribute it's becoming more and more this whole new wave round sound confessional thing and while ginsberg saw the best minds of his generation destroyed and ferlenghetti was trading junk for the ilse of manisfree we, became a collective who couldn't see beyond the scope of our own nerousis and somehow changing the world by... Continue Reading →

For Lebanon

For Lebanon I've been saying I'm going to write about this for weeks, but the truth is, I don't know if I can I don't know how to make beautiful devastation. See I hear "Lebanon" I see red stripes and a cedar tree. They tell me that 60 people were killed in a village outside... Continue Reading →

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