Apparently I am angry with God

Why is it so hard to connect, to find people who want to see a better life, who want to leave this place better than the place it was when we got here? It truly is all I want. I’m so sick of people shoving God down my throat. I feel like, what good is God to hide behind and tell you everything will be okay? I swear God is responsible for every shitty thing there is, because this crazy belief that it’s His will. It’s not God’s will that people are starving, it’s not God’s will that the whole earth is at war with itself. It’s the greed of man, the ridiculous construct of paper money and the need to have more neat little piles than the next guy. God’s only purpose is to provide comfort because the world is pretty awful and hard to navigate without a belief that it gets better than this. It is so upsetting how often people are living for the next life and forgetting that you only get one go around. Even Jesus didn’t just sit around talking about the “Father,” he kicked it with the lowest of the low, the man was a traveling homeless person. When’s the last time you saw someone walk out of the sanctuary and into the homeless shelter? I’ll tell you what I have seen recently, that same person lead their child out of the sanctuary and step over that bum on the street, telling his daughter not to look. Ingraining the dehumanization of the poor early on, that’s what God got that little girl.   

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