it’s becoming more and more this whole new wave round sound confessional thing

and while ginsberg saw the best minds of his generation destroyed

and ferlenghetti was trading junk for the ilse of manisfree

we, became a collective who couldn’t see beyond the scope of our own nerousis

and somehow changing the world by changing ourselves has led way to nothing more

than poetic narscism

and still the world is turning

and still the fires are burning

for a people who are nothing doing

allen, i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by ritilan,

overtaken by prozac, gone down the american dream

babyboom offspring choking down drug after pill after med, for what?

we’ve bared our souls on couches cross country,

nannys? we don’t need no stinking nannys… we’ve got therapists now

and nine year olds who can psychoanalyze with the best of them.

a generation of parents who weren’t ready

and children without a voice, or a choice

who left home as soon as they could,

who were told to medicate or get out.

who traded broken jaws for alleyways,

midnight molestations for sidewalk solicitations,

who made excuse after excuse for black eyes and bloody noses because they never knew that love is free,

who traded bullets instead of punches,

found peace down the barrell of a gun,

who’s 8 yr old brain, 9 yr old brain, 10 yr old brain was shocked into stillness by the side effects of psyche meds

no accountability,

no responsibility

no sense of home.

who traveled cross country, seeking visions of kerouac cassidy and the gang,

and found instead ideals shattered under the heel of expansion.

who discovered the great untouchable west,

tainted by miles of orange at every turn.

who went to jump from the golden gate to the pearly ones

and found sanity in a call box

who sold their souls to the genie of capitalism for one wish,

walked downtown, and were over come by brick mouthed monsters,

whose outlaw freedom rotted away 15 months behind america’s best known color scheme

who found the only freedom afforded by this great nation fallen down the hole of a grainer

america, your pharmeceutical companies are destroying us,

america, your freedom comes with a price tag

america, why are you not howling in outrage?

your children are dying, your people are starving, your freedom is in your mind

america, when did nuturing give way to brain washing?

when did fact become opinion?

when did you allow your ideals to be left beaten and swollen, lying in the dirt broken, by the fists

of your democrac

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