Her goodbye

My friend Lisa, who was like another mother to me, passed away suddenly to cancer in October last year. I was there when she was in the ICU and then again the next day when they moved her into hospice. The last time I saw Lisa and she was semi coherent, she kept telling us … More Her goodbye


I often find myself giving poetic reasons for why I stopped writing, My favorite is that putting ink to the page feels so much more permanent than the thoughts that fuel the urge. And there exists truth in that statement though it feels more and more hollow every time the words fall from my lips. … More Poetry


Trapped, I’m trapped I’m trapped in this country trapped in this society, trapped in this house trapped in this body trapped. I want out I want a way to a better future but I fear the only future I have is the one that is coming. And it looks dim. I don’t want to see … More trapped


I feel like now is the time when there should be crazy free expression. And I wonder if people struggle with free expression because they struggle with telling themselves the truth, much less putting their idea of truth out there in a way that makes a thought tangible. Imagine! A thought, a tiny firing of … More Hmmm