some thoughts on loving oneself, or, how i got drunk on a thursday night in october

Someone told me recently that I am really mean to myself. It might have even been me. I read a Khalil Gibran quote yesterday, he said, “God told me to love my enemy, and I obeyed and loved myself.” loving myself. I still don't understand what that means. I made it to 31 years of... Continue Reading →

I miss you so

I wish you were here to read these words, though I know you can feel their imprint upon my heart. What an amazing man you are, I’m sure the best there has ever been. How blessed I have been to know you, to live in the echoes of your eternity. I’ve been walking around in... Continue Reading →

New Mexico

It is hot and lonely on this empty stretch of road. Thank God for Danny, and thank God he's finally leash trained. This would be infinitely worse if I was having to carry a 55 lb pit bull, they are quite squiggly. I was so excited ot make my way out this time. I can... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on Austin

There seems to be a parallel that tells a disturbing tale about this city we live in in two cases that have surfaced in Austin media (and therefore my Facebook newsfeed) in the past two weeks. One is the story of the guy whole stole $50 from a coffee shop in freshly gentrified East Austin,... Continue Reading →


I often find myself giving poetic reasons for why I stopped writing, My favorite is that putting ink to the page feels so much more permanent than the thoughts that fuel the urge. And there exists truth in that statement though it feels more and more hollow every time the words fall from my lips.... Continue Reading →


I feel like now is the time when there should be crazy free expression. And I wonder if people struggle with free expression because they struggle with telling themselves the truth, much less putting their idea of truth out there in a way that makes a thought tangible. Imagine! A thought, a tiny firing of... Continue Reading →

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