A poem for April 4th

In distancing
I search, for a connection
That cannot come…
And yet,
Find an – almost empty – solace
In screens and smiles,
In messages and memories.
Almost… empty.
Yet overflowing
With urgent need and desire.
Longing for hugs that will arrive again
In aching joy,
Loss, hunger, devastation, and awakenings.

We will emerge,
Not whole, for there are losses,
Not complete, for we are fractured.
And dawn will embrace us as we are.
And we have opportunities to rise together.
Make different what is devastating.
Create a better path for the new day.

Roads not taken, undergrowth overtaking,
Ahead lies a future.
The power to create has always been with us,
Foundations to lay, and choices to make.

A collective breath,
And we emerge.

A poem for April 4th

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